Reasons to Consider Product knowledge Training as Primacy v2
How Learning Technology Influence Training and Development
Top-4-benefits of elearning in Healthcare industry

Top 4 Benefits of eLearning in Healthcare Sector

Checkout these top 4 benefits of elearning in healthcare. Elearning ensures healthcare professionals to keep up with the latest medical trainings at their own pace and enables learning any time anywhere.
Benefits of video-based learning
Coronavirus Outbreak - Elearning For Corporate training

Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Rise in Implement Elearning For Corporate Training

Implementation of elearning has become inevitable solution during this corona virus pandemic and investing this quarantine time in training employees remote.
COVID19-resource checklist-Swift elearning services
Novel Corona virus pandemic - Cyber Security Need of the hour for remote employees

Work From Home – Coronavirus Increases The Chances of Getting Computer Virus

Every organization should make sure their remote employees are well trained about cyber sercurity and safety measures to fhight coronavirus outgreak conditions.
eLearning-A cost effective online training tool for employees

Elearning: A Cost Effective Online Training Tool for Employees

To minimize the risk level in work environments, companies have to provide effective training to ensure the best safety standards.

Microlearning: The Emerging Instructional Design Strategy in Elearning

Do microleaning approach have a control over today's millennials workforce with better learning retention and higher completion rates?
Anti bribery and corruption training elearning course

FREE Anti-Bribery and Corruption Online Training Course for Corporates

Free anti bribery and corruption online training. In this elearning course learner will learn the effects of bribery and corruption and corresponding actions.