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Top 5 Questions to Ask an eLearning Translation Services Company

Let us begin with looking at two scenarios where we need the support of an eLearning translation service company. Scenario 1: With the purpose to meet the language preferences of your global work force situated in different geographical locations, you decide to translate your training content into relevant languages. Scenario 2: You would like your…

Tips To Choose The Best eLearning Translation Provider

eLearning Translation Services: 7 Tips to Choose the Best eLearning Translation Provider

English is successfully used as the Internet language, thanks to the way the world is connected through the global network. Yet, interestingly, when it comes to training your workforce, the geographically dispersed employees have language preferences of their own. To meet the training needs of your diversified workforce, eLearning translation service is the best option…

360 Images Latest feature in Storyline 360

360 Images – Latest Feature in Storyline 360

Most educational and corporate institutions are adopting eLearning as a tool for training. To develop an eLearning course, you can find plenty of best eLearning authoring tools in the marketing. Articulate Storyline 360 images is one of the leading authoring tool to develop interactive and engaging eLearning courses. 360° Images is one of the latest…

How Does an eLearning Course Communicate to an LMS

How Does an eLearning Course Communicate to an LMS

Courses developed in Adapt authoring tool doesn’t communicate with the LMS because of which user data doesn’t get tracked. Data like, How much the learner has completed the course, How many pages are visited, How much time a user took to complete a course, etc. Spoor is the plugin which allows the data tracking between…

How to use TextNotify and Customization-min

How to Use TextNotify and Customization

‘Text notify’ helps in showing a piece of information or text in pop-up. This plugin generates a text link which will have an “ID” that can be used in the component body to give a text link to open the pop up and show the relevant information. You can also customize the look and feel…

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