Best eLearning Content Development Company to Help You Create Online Training Courses

Are you looking for the best eLearning content development company to create engaging and exciting online training modules? First let’s understand the importance and usage of online training modules in today’s competitive learning world: ADDIE model for eLearning Content Development? Why is eLearning Content Development Important? Benefits of Effective eLearning Content Development Steps to Consider […]


Planning your project And Creating Brand Style – Elucidat

In Elucidat authoring tool, with the help of its default features and inbuilt templates, we can create courses in less time. Though Elucidat does not allow extensive customization, it allows us to create our own templates to an extent. The output can be easily viewed in all devices. The different navigation types that can be […]


Cost-effective Translation and Localization Services

Are you looking for a cost-effective translation and localization service for your eLearning courses? Want to make translation and localization, culture-friendly while saving money? This blog will help you minimize eLearning translation and localisation costs, without compromising the quality and efficiency of your eLearning course. As the demand for multilingual online learning courses is evolving […]


How to Add 360 Image in Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline 360 has added a new feature known as 360° images [Beta] which allow the eLearning developers to add 360° images in Storyline. With this feature learner can navigate through the image in all the directions and explore by clicking markers and hotspots. We can also customize the markers, add audio or video in […]


How Does an eLearning Course Communicate to an LMS

Courses developed in Adapt authoring tool doesn’t communicate with the LMS because of which user data doesn’t get tracked. Data like, How much the learner has completed the course, How many pages are visited, How much time a user took to complete a course, etc. Spoor is the plugin which allows the data tracking between […]

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