Elearning Case Study: Simulation-Based Software Application Training

Simulation-based Training Swift

Case Study Snapshot

  • eLearning Course: Multimodal Transportation Management Software Training
  • Industry: Logistics & Distribution Industry
  • Practice Area: Simulation-based software application training
  • Instructional Design Strategy: Scenario-based learning with Watch-Try-Do approach
  • Authoring Tool: Adobe Captivate 9

About Client

Our client, a leading logistics company, helps its customers in transportation, warehousing and compliance. They wanted to roll out simulation-based eLearning courses to train their global staff on using the newly introduced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


They wanted a rapid eLearning solution – software application training that provides in-depth training on how to use the software in less than 5 weeks. Additionally, they want it to be available on mobile devices (multi-device learning) as a quick reference for employees while working real time.


Instructional Strategy: After analyzing the learning needs, to provide hands-on practice, our instructional designers adopted scenario-based learning with ‘Watch, ‘Try’ and ‘Do’ simulation approach. As part of scenario, we introduced two characters – Intern and senior employee. The senior employee would teach the intern on how to use the application which included:

  • Watch (Show Me Simulation) – To familiarize learners with application interface and navigation while enabling them to view essential steps in order to complete a logical process.
  • Try (Try Me Simulation) – To demonstrate learners on how to complete tasks in a simulation-based environment. It provided ample opportunities to practice the application while rectifying their mistakes.
  • Do (Test Me Simulation) – Here the learners are tested on real-time work scenarios to check their knowledge and comprehension on what they’ve learned.

Authoring Tool: Choosing the appropriate eLearning authoring tool made the difference. We knew that the Adobe Captivate 9 would be the best tool for simulation-based eLearning courses. With its inbuilt recording functionality to capture simulations, it made our job easy to create, customize and deliver the eLearning modules on time.


Swift delivered high quality simulation-based online training content compatible with mobile devices on time and on budget. The training was well received by the global teams and proved to be efficient and effective. The immediate benefits included:

  • Learning on the go – anywhere, anytime
  • Confident employees with up-to-date product knowledge
  • Improved work efficiency

Contact Swift to discuss how we can maximize the impact of simulation-based application training that could benefit your business.

Before you leave, we would like you to take a look at our sample simulation-based application training course with Watch-Try-Do approach using Captivate 9. Click the below button to access the sample course.

Simulation-Based Training Flight-Ticket-Booking

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