Case Study: Female Traveler – Safety Training Course for Security and Delight

eLearning Case Study_Female_traveler

A mobile based elearning course simple enough to comprehend by diversified learner group.


  • Learning material suitable for all the five famous traveling continents
  • Highly engaging and informative mlearning course for corporate/household female travelers
  • No assessments or certifications included in the e learning solution – no learning management system software required

Requirement Profile

A leading travel agency wanted to help their female travelers to plan and mitigate the risk of sexual harassment in foreign countries.  Along with the sexual harassment, there was a need to educate female travelers about dress code of women and the behavioral differences in different countries and religions.

The agency decided to develop an elearning course for their customers and was preferring an elearning company from India and approached Swift eLearning Services.

The plan was to include this course into the traveling package offered by the agency. The common features of an eLearning program such as learner tracking, assessments and certifications were not necessary as it was a self-help course for general female customers. The important specification was to develop an engaging multi-device or mobile learning course.

Proposed Solution

The eLearning Course should include facts and figures to grab learner’s attention towards the seriousness and the risk associated with female travelers. However, it should also include engaging elements to keep their motivation up through the course.

Instructional design strategies for the proposed e-learning courseware:

  • Few case-studies discussing incidents with western travelers with respect to sexual harassment and offensive clothing and greeting styles.
  • Scenario-based eLearning with decision-based branching; learners are offered to select the continent they are traveling to.
  • General tips were provided with regards to packing and other items of special needs for women in foreign travel.

Note: We have also provided the voice over services and the narrators were from the native continents to make the course personalized.

Business Impact

The course has been proved as an added attraction to the agency’s traveling package. It helped them communicate how seriously the agency takes care of their traveler’s security and pleasure.

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