SwiftHCM LMS: Learning Analytics and Reporting Made Easy for Training Managers

SwiftHCM LMS Analytics and ReportingOnline Learning Analytics and Reporting functionality enables Training Managers and Administrators to generate variety of reports and draw conclusions for an efficient training.

Learning analytics are one of the current hot trends in eLearning and Training industry. And the most significant feature in any Learning Management System (LMS) is its learning analytics and reporting capabilities. This LMS functionality (analytics and reports) offers deep insights into learners’ performance and helps organizations to track and evaluate their corporate training effectiveness.

On the other hand, weak reporting capabilities of an LMS may cause a significant dissatisfaction. The Learning and Development professionals/Training Managers often find it difficult to get the clear analytics because of its increasing complexities and fail to leverage the full potential of LMS. Most of their time is spent generating reports rather focusing on the valuable learning and performance data.

Learning Analytics at Your Fingertips

SwiftHCM LMS has advanced reporting analytics enabling the Learning Managers to evaluate training, get real insights and gain more control over the training data/big data. Our easy-to-use analytics and reporting software is available to specific assigned roles – administrative or managerial roles and helps you:

  • Track learner participation such as user enrollments, course compliance status, training details and generate reports with just few clicks
  • Select and filter your training data as per your requirements
  • Identify where the problem exist and tweak the eLearning strategies aptly
  • Export learning analytics data or reports to Excel, PDF and Word file formats

Assigning and tracking eLearning at ease. These reports can be filtered and automated so that you can save your time. Our LMS has intuitive dashboard which provides a graphical overview on total number of users, the users logged at any given point, total courses, along with the course enrollments, popular courses, weekly stats and much more. Let’s take a sneak peek into the reporting functionality. Here are the easy-to-use 6 key analytical reports of SwiftHCM LMS.

User-Wise Course Log: It enables you to track and review learner’s performance via course completion status along with course code, course name, date & time, and score achieved.

User Course Enrollments Report: This report portrays the user enrollments for the particular courses in the selected category within your organization. Here the search parameters are enrollment duration and course category.

User-Course Overview Report: This report helps you generate the valuable data related to learners’ activities at the course level. It provides you an overview on the learner’s course completion details along with course code, course name, enrolled date, status, completion date, score and accumulated time (in minutes).

Training Compliance Report: Generate reports to see what training has been completed and what is pending. This report helps you monitor learner’s compliance to assigned or required eLearning course. As a Training Manager, you can also see the learner’s course compliance percentage along with other details such as user name, user enrolled date, last login, enrolled courses, completed courses.

Most Accessed Content Report: This report depicts a pictorial view of most accessed eLearning content based on the learner’s interaction.

Courses List Report: This report provides a complete overview of list of reports within an organization.


SwiftHCM LMS has all the reporting capabilities to fit your organization’s training requirements. Our LMS can positively impact your training ROI, employee retention and job performance.


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