A Case Study on How Gamification Can Supercharge Your Online Training

We recently worked with a major financial services company to create online compliance training for its sales division. The training was aimed to build a risk-aware culture and educate financial advisers on the key compliance requirements. The client was specific about the training effectiveness because the surveys from earlier training revealed learner disengagement. Considering the dry subject matter and importance of business requirements, we proposed gamification for training as part of our instructional design strategy to maximize the learner engagement.

Gamification and online training - Cowboy shooting

What We Did…

We used the game mechanics along with the job-related scenarios and engaging narrative in the eLearning course. On top of it, the challenging and rewarding nature of the game would provide the learners with loads of excitement and pull them into the course.

How We Did…

Game-based Assessment: We divided training into small, manageable segments followed by a game-based assessment. These quick checkpoints helped the learners to improve their decision-making skills, reinforcing what they have learned. It also allowed them to make mistakes, experience the consequences and learn from them.

Compelling Narrative/Story: We crafted a compelling narrative that guided the learners and took them through real-life scenarios.

Relevant Scenarios: The relevant job-related scenarios had put the learners in a real-life context that compelled them to choose the right path. It helped them to understand how to handle the ambiguous areas of compliance.

Guided Assistance: We created an interactive “Ask Expert” avatar using the Senior Manager character to bring the personalised feeling to the learners. This feature acted as a guiding point and provided new insights on how to deal with issues.

Feedback Approach: Learners are provided with immediate and personalized feedback specific to each response. It helped learners to remediate misconceptions and reflect on their learning experiences.

Motivation and Engagement: For higher levels of engagement, we incorporated the motivational elements such as points, virtual currencies, timers, badges and progress bars. It provided a real sense of mastery and urgency encouraging the learners to advance the course.

Game Levels: The three levels in the game were aligned with the respective learning objectives. These levels were unlocked as the learner progressed.

Sound & Visual Effects: The ambient background sounds with appealing visual effects spiced up the eLearning making it the most compelling courseware.

Here’s the Result…

The eLearning program was a big success as it was well accepted by the employees. The game encouraged active participation and reinforced the importance of dealing with ethically.

Hope this case study was helpful. Here’s a bit of gamified interaction which is tweaked in order to maintain the confidentiality of client’s content.

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