What is VR, AR and 360° Video? What Makes Differ From One Another?

What is VR AR and 360 Degree Video and How Do They Differ

Gone were the days, where learner used to sit in a closed room with a book in his/ her hand and an instructor with the teaching aids. Over the last two decades, the change in the technology is unpredictable. A radical behavior in the minds of the learners paved a way to discover the new teaching methodologies and new teaching aids. In the midst of the whole scenario, eLearning has been a ray of hope and become a ground factor to modernize the learning in terms of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° video.

You may not be wondering about these terms if you belong to the fields of eLearning and mass media communications. But, all the three technologies in one place gives you a lucid figure and might help you in leveraging your online training.

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Business Writing Online Training and Certification Course

Course Overview:

Writing is a key method of communication for most people, and it’s one that many people struggle with. This workshop will give participants a refresher on basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and an overview of the most common business documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas), giving you that extra edge in the workplace.

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Retail Management Certificate Program – E-learning Courses

Retail-Management-Certificate-Program [1]

Retail industry is one of the hottest growing careers globally, and the fastest growing in India.

A leading international retail training organization of the Australian Retail College (ARC) is committed to developing industry–ready staff for retail frontline jobs and delivering talent development programs within retail corporates globally.

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One stop-shop for Retail Courses – Swift Elearning Services partners with Australian Retail College (ARC) to bring you the best of content in Retail Management


Swift Elearning Services announces its association with Australian Retail College (ARC) to bring you the best of content in Retail Management.

Australian Retail College (ARC) is a leading international Retail Training Organization. With 3 decades of experience, ARC leads the way in delivering effective learning programs. ARC is committed to developing industry–ready staff for retail frontline jobs and delivering talent development programs within retail corporates globally.

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Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning in Retail Industry

Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning

In the Retail Industry, custom eLearning offers massive benefits as opposed to the traditional instructor-led training in terms of retail employee training. Training the sales staff pose industry specific challenges such as restricted training budgets, dispersed workforce, high turnover rates, etc. Embracing custom eLearning for product knowledge, onboarding, compliance and sales skills would help retailers overcome these challenges. Read more

Is Mobile Learning An Ideal Solution To Train Your Sales Team On The Field?

Here’s the case study that explains how mobile learning or mLearning can be the right training strategy for on-the-go employees.

Mobile Learning for Sales

Client Overview

Our client, a leading product based company, was focused on building sales skills among sales professionals to improve their sales productivity and close more sales.

The Challenge

Most of the sales team were on the field and didn’t have time to attend classroom training due to their busy schedules. This resulted in skill gaps in product knowledge and selling skills across their global sales division. As a result, company was losing selling opportunities.

The client was concerned with these shortcomings, they approached us to create eLearning for sales training.

The Solution

After a thorough needs analysis, Swift proposed mobile compatible eLearning that would be readily adopted by their mobile workforce. At first, the client was skeptical about the mobile learning initiative, but after discussions the client was confident and ready to invest.

Mobile learning was the right fit because most of the time salespeople were on the field equipped with tablet devices.

Swift worked closely with the client to understand their selling framework and different sales scenarios. We applied proven instructional design strategies that work better for sales training.

We introduced an avatar, a virtual senior sales rep, who guided the learners throughout the course. Before executing a sales conversation, a learner is introduced to the product he/she is selling along with the best practices using a scenario. These mobile learning modules were:

  • Embedded with short videos that highlighted the latest products and bestselling practices
  • Visually appealing, highly interactive with simple interface
  • Relevant and bite-sized with easy-to-digest content
  • Mobile friendly and responsive – published in HTML5 using Storyline

The Results

Swift delivered high quality mobile content compatible with major tablet devices. The mobile learning was well received by the sales team and proved to be efficient and effective. The immediate benefits included:

  • Learning on the go – anywhere, anytime
  • Confident sales representatives with up-to-date product knowledge
  • Drastic reduction in training-related travel costs