Biosecurity Queensland, an Agency of the Queensland Government, Collaborates with Swift to Deliver Online Training on Foot-and-Mouth Disease


This case study outlines the Project Management challenges and how a well-defined risk management approach would address those challenges. It explains the importance of anticipating future risks while avoiding any unexpected shortcomings to make your eLearning project a great success. Managing risk involves identifying project risks, evaluating them and minimising their impact on the project.

Having delivered hundreds of eLearning projects, at Swift, we understand what goes into eLearning Project Management! Read more

How to Create Custom Volume Controls in Articulate Storyline 2?

Custom Volume Control Storyline

In the Articulate Storyline 2, by default, the Volume Control position is fixed on the player and cannot be customized. Due to this limitation, it was challenging for us to customize volume controls.

How did we overcome this limitation?

We created our own customized audio controls using slider via JavaScript and SWF file. This way we could develop fully customized volume control and placed at desired position. Read more