Converting Technical Manuals into Immersive eLearning Courses for Fortune 500 Company

Self-Paced eLearning for Fortune500 Company

An American multinational technology company converts its ‘Course Guides’ (Technical Manuals) into engaging eLearning programs.


  • More than 100 hours of classroom material converted into eLearning
  • As the learning material was ‘supporting reference manuals’ – client didn’t want to invest more time and cost
  • Plain learning content to be transformed into engaging and visually-rich eLearning experience for Technical Support Engineers

Requirement Profile

We take pride in providing our eLearning services to our client, a large US Corporation, operating in more than 160 countries. We as custom elearning solutions provider have served the purpose of transforming their ‘Course Guides’ into eLearning programs.

Course guides were in the form of digital documents such as PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, etc. – containing text pages or slides, screenshots, images showcasing hardware devices, charts and tables presenting statistical analysis. These guides were serving as offline learning material for internal workforce (Technical Support Engineers) working on corresponding technologies.

The Learning Manager was in continuous pressure from Technical Support Leads to convert these materials into a self-explanatory, immersive learning program. The objective was to motivate learners and engage them in training. This will help company to increase competent certified workforce and improve work-efficiency.

As the learning material was ‘non-core’ stuff – reference manuals; the learning manager was very cautious in investing time and money.

Proposed Solution

At Swift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd., we envisaged rapid eLearning as a suitable approach with sound instructional design strategies for the production and development of proposed eLearning solution.

The driving guidelines for the project were:

  • Devise rapid-storyboarding strategy – include minimal developer instructions, clues and indications – conduct orientation sessions with the development team on new storyboarding style
  • Plan for parallel operations such as QA; the instructional designer, developer and team lead reviews goes parallel and will be consolidated to implement at once – We knew this was a bit risky, but if manage cautiously will save significant time
  • Long-leading elements can be on continuous follow-ups to ensure they are available at the time of need such as course narrations

Besides the above guidelines, we have also created templates to speed-up the eLearning development. These eLearning templates were designed for intuitive learning engagements with visually-rich graphic layouts and content presentation structures (SmartArt graphics).

Business Impact

The team was successful in delivering course modules regularly on the planed dates. Our rapid and cost-effective approach helped the client maximize the benefits of eLearning.

The successful project completion has gained us a status of “preferred eLearning vendor” for rapid and cost-effective learning requirements.

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