Slide Types Session 5 – Quizzing Slide

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In the last Articulate Storyline tutorial video we have seen, how to create our own custom layouts using Slide master, and basic layouts.

  • Now coming to, quizzing
  • we have slide types categorized based on question types
  • Graded Questions,
  • Survey Questions,
  • Freeform Questions,
  • And, Result Slides,
  • So as the name says, major difference between Graded and Survey questions is, score calculation
  • Graded questions let you calculate learner score based on the correct answers.
  • Let’s first click on Graded questions n take a look,

So here, we have different question styles like,

  • True or false,
  • Multiple Choice,
  • Multiple Response,
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • and the other are few drag and drop question styles,
  • Most of them are pretty self explanatory, if you aren’t sure about the behavior of any question, you can always find a brief description about it here
  • We will also take a deeper look at these question styles, later in the course under the topic, working with quizzes.
  • Lets first insert a Multiple choice question and see what we get by default
  • So here you can add a question,
  • then here we can add it’s choices,
  • Then down here, under the feedback section, you can set points which will be awarded to the learner when they give a correct answer.
  • But when we insert a survey question
  • you can only, add, a question and it’s choices,

but you cannot calculate the score unlike the graded questions, as we do not have a feedback section for survey questions

Other than that both Graded and Survey questions are quite similar

Next up we have Freeform Questions

Freeform questions are a bit advanced, these question types allow you to create your own question styles using shapes, pictures, or even text.

So here, we have different question styles like,

  • Drag n drop,
  • Pick one,
  • Pick Many,
  • Text entry,
  • Hotspot,
  • and, Shortcut Key.

We will look at these question styles later in the course under the topic, working with quizzes.

and then we have result slides

let’s see what we have in here

So here, we have different styles for graded questions and survey questions,

Lets insert graded questions result slide

So as you can see, this slide can be used to display the results at the end of your quiz.

Alright, so these are the different slide types that are available in Articulate Storyline

I encourage you to play around with all of them and try build some, awesome e-Learning courses

In the next lecture we will see slide properties and layers

until then enjoy working with storyline and see you in the next lecture.


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