Slide Types Session 4 – Basic Layouts

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In the last video we have seen, how using My templates can speed up our e-learning development

Next up we have basic layouts

probably you will be using these layouts very often compared to others

These basic layouts are nothing but the slides that you insert in the master slide

You can use these slides to apply style and functionality to, all or specific slides in your project

let me just show you with an example

First lets open slide master from the view tab

here you will see some slides with placeholders by default

similar to those in MicroSoft PowerPoint

here you can create new layouts by clicking this button.

or you can add new slides to the existing layouts by clicking here

So lets say, you have a logo that you want to show on all slides except, the welcome screen

then all you need to do is, create a new custom layout

Import your logo by clicking here

  • place it as you see fit
  • n exit from the slide master view
  • Now, select those slides where you need to add the logo
  • Then right click on it
  • Select Apply Layout
  • and pick the layout we just created
  • You can also add new slides that uses our new layout
  • By right clicking here on the slides panel on the left and select new slide
  • then go to basic layout
  • and select our layout
  • there you go we have a new slide with our custom layout
  • you can do a lot of cool stuff using basic layouts and slide master

for example you can add something like a background video, may be some functionality, create your own custom player controls and many more,

Next we have import option, as the name says you can import slides from MicroSoft PowerPoint, Articulate studio or other, storyline files as well

This is quite straight forward, give it try to get a hang of it.

Next up, we have quizzing slide types,

One of the crutial aspects of e-learning

We will learn how these quizzing slides work in the next video

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