Slide Types Session 3 – My Templates

Audio Transcription

In the last video we have seen, how content library can speed up our development process.

Next up we have, “My Templates” option

This contains some pre-built modern interactions that you can directly insert into your course

Let me import this tabular interaction and quickly preview n see how it works

These templates can also help beginners to understand how interactions are built in storyline

So I suggest you to play around with these templates by adding them to a blank project

and inspect them. It’ll help in improving your storyline skills,

So in this interaction, it has five tabs

Each tab reveal some text and a related picture when we click on them

It is also keeping track of the tabs that are already viewed

this interaction can be used when you are explaining about the types of some sort, in your course

So by using these pre built templates, you can add mordern, yet complex interactions to your course in, no time.

And then we have basic layouts, We will learn how to create our own layouts using Slide master, and basic layouts in the next video.

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