Articulate Storyline 360: Slide types Part 2 – Content Library

Audio Transcription

In this video, we will learn how to add a new slide and,

to take advantage of newly introduced Content library slide type in Storyline 360.

So lets now quickly jump into storyline and see them in action.

Let’s create a new project

  • And go into slide view by double clicking on this blank slide
  • Here, we have couple of ways to add a new slide
  • You can either right click here and select new slide
  • Or you can click on the new slide under home tab
  • And if you are on articulates latest Storyline three sixty version
  • You will have a new slides tab up here
  • This tab basically has the same options which we have seen in the earlier methods but, presented in an organized way
  • As we have seen in the beginning of this lecture, frames in storyline are mainly categorized into slides and quizzing.
  • If you a looking to add content like text, pictures or video to your course
  • You can do it using the slide types.

Under slide type we have a couple of options:

  • If you are on Storyline 3 60 Version, like I am here
  • You’ll see this content library option
  • Content library is something that is created by the articulate team and it’s community
  • This is loaded with elegantly designed content and interactive slides out of the box
  • You can just pick an appealing style and start adding your content on the go.
  • Here, I need a welcome screen for my course
  • I think this layout looks good enough for a welcome slide
  • So lets go ahead n insert this in our project
  • lymi just delete this blank slide here quickly
  • Now, we have a slick looking welcome screen, I can now just add my text here

Let me add something like welcome, to the, course on, Introduction to, articulate,storyline, And,

There you go! our welcome slide is ready under like 2 minutes

So, in this way content library can be a huge time saver

Then we have, My templates, We will explore this type in the next video.

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