Accessing Slide Properties

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Let’s quickly recap what we have covered in our previous videos. We learned about:

  • Different Slide types in Articulate storyline
  • What is Content Library
  • Pre-built Templates and basic Layouts
  • How to use Slide master to create custom layouts
  • and a brief overview on quiz slides

In this section we will learn about,

  • Accessing Slide Properties,
  • Controlling How Slides Advances,
  • Determining How Slides Behave When Revisited
  • Choosing Navigation Controls
  • And finally how to enable/ disable Player Features

Let’s quickly jump onto Articulate Storyline and see different places from when you can access the properties of a slide. I am going to use this sample project that I already created for this training session.

We can access slide properties from story view, slide view or from question bank view. Now, as you can see, we are in story view. Here we have a slide properties section in the lower right corner. When we select a slide, we can see the slide properties appearing under this section.

Before we learn more about these properties, let’s see how to access the slide properties from slide view and question bank view as well.

Let’s open slide view by double clicking on this slide. In the slide view, you can either click on this icon to open slide properties window or you can right click on the base layer and select properties.

So, that’s how the slide properties can be accessed from a slide view.

Now let see how to access the slide properties from a question bank. Click here to open question bank view and then select the slide for which you need to set the properties. You can see the properties on the lower right side of the screen, similar to story view.

So these are the three places where you can access the slide properties.

Now, here is a shortcut that could be a time saver. Let’s say, we are in this slide view and wanted to change the “slide advances” property to “automatic” for all or a few slides of the course. Usually, we would need to open each slide and tweak the settings one-by-one.

But instead, we can open story view and select all the slides, you wish to modify the and then make your adjustments. And they will be reflected in all the selected slides in one go.

That brings us to the end of this video. Hope you enjoyed this session. In the next video we will see the “slide advances” property and how to adjust the slide behavior upon revisiting.

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