What Is A Note Panel

Audio Transcription

In this Articulate Storyline training video we will see “what is Notes panel”.

Notes tab can be used to display transcript for the audio narration in your courses or any other additional information that your learners might need while accessing a slide. Storyline allows us to add notes for each slide. We can access the notes tab from story view. In-order to open the notes panel you can select this notes tab.

If the notes panel is not visible then you can click this little arrow on the bottom to expand this section. Then select Notes tab.

Now this area is where you can add all your content. Any content you add here will be visible in the published output inside the Notes area. We can change the position of this notes tab using player settings, which we’ll discuss later in the course.

In the next video, we will see how to format our content and even change the background color of this notes panel.

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