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Hello and welcome back to the fourth section of Articulate Storyline training series.

In the previous videos, we have seen “what is Notes panel in Articulate Storyline”. In this video, we will learn how to add and format content in Notes tab.

As we have seen in the previous video, to access Notes tab, we can click here and under the Notes tab, we can either type the content or copy-and-paste the text. And if we import a slide from Microsoft PowerPoint which has Notes added in it. The text from PowerPoint Notes will appear in Articulate Storyline Notes tab.

We can format the content in Notes tab similarly to the way we format text on the slide in Storyline. We can do this by using the text formatting options from font section and paragraph section under the Home tab.

All we need to do is simply select the text then go to font and select a font family. Here we can increase or decrease the font size by selecting a value from the dropdown menu, or by clicking these two buttons.

To make the text bold, Italic and underline, use these options. We cannot add shadows to the text inside Notes tab, so this option is deactivated. We can add a strike-out effect by enabling this option.

Next we can change the letter spacing to any of these options – “very tight”, “tight”, “loose” or “very loose”. We can even add custom letter spacing by selecting More Spacing option which will open this “Font” pop up window that has all the same options we have here.

Under spacing section, we can add custom space to the text. We can also change the letter casing to sentence case, lower case, upper case, Camel case and, toggle case. For example, if a letter is in lower case, it will be replaced with upper case and vise versa. And then “All caps” will obviously convert all the text to capital letters.

Next, here we can add background color to the selected text and this option will change the font color of the text. If there are any spelling errors in the Notes text, we can quickly fix them using this option. In the content there is one spelling error. To fix it, I can select the appropriate word under suggestions and then click change.

Then finally, to clear all the formatting we just added, click this eraser icon which will reset to default formatting.

In the paragraph section, we can add bullet points or numeric points to the text using these two buttons. And then we can increase or decrease the indentation of the selected lines using these two options. To increase the line spacing, select a value from this drop down menu. And then, in-order to change the alignment of the text to center, right or left, use these three buttons over here.

In this way, we can format the content in the Notes tab. We can also change this background color of Notes panel. This color matches with the background color of the Notes tab in the published output.

We will see how to change this color in the next video.

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