Top 4 New Features of Articulate 360 for Easy e-Learning Development

Top 5 new key Features of Articulate 360 – Elearning DevelopmentArticulate has always managed to create easy-to-use eLearning authoring tools. Since the release of Articulate 360, Articulate has been ensuring to make it an all-inclusive eLearning authoring package. Recently, it has introduced a couple of new features making it even easier for eLearning course development. As part of our ongoing series of blogs on Articulate 360, we’ll now take a sneak peek into its new features which will help you get most out of it.

Before we move on, let’s revisit the tools and resources of Articulate 360 package (for those who are not aware). Articulate 360 comes with:

  • Three brand-new authoring tools – Rise, Preso and Peek
  • Upgraded versions – Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Studio 360 and Replay 360
  • Additional Resources – Articulate Live, Articulate Review and Content Library

What’s New in Articulate 360?

Storyline 360

1. Improved eLearning accessibility Make your eLearning courses more accessible with closed captioning (CC) for hearing-impaired learners.

Now you can add closed captioning to your eLearning courses by importing closed captions for audio and video files in Articulate Storyline 360. All you need to do is import a caption file (.srt file format) for audio and video in your eLearning course and Storyline 360 does the rest.

Your learners will be able to see the corresponding text transcription on screen when an audio or video plays. This latest feature in Storyline 360 eases out the development of Section 508 and WCAG complaint eLearning courses.

Storyline 360 also enables you to:

  • Toggle closed captions on and off using triggers
  • Choose custom fonts for closed captions such that it complements your visual design of the course

Content Library

2. More assets with ever-expanding library

Stock Images & Videos: Articulate has added over 1.5 million stock images, illustrations, icons and videos to its Content Library which can be accessed for free.

Photographic Characters: In addition, three photographic characters named Nora, William and Sheila have been added with 170+ poses and wide range of expressions.

  • Nora is a sporty character that suits your health or fitness training courses
  • With lab coat, William’s character can be used in medical or engineering eLearning content
  • Sheila can be chosen to help learners master new skills

The enhanced Content Library helps you create beautiful eLearning courses saving your development time.

Articulate Review

3. Get more control over your eLearning project review process

Email Digest: Most of us find it very annoying to receive emails for every activity in Articulate Review. It’s no more the case now as you can choose to receive the feedback summary in a day via a single mail. You can enable this from Notification Settings.

Export Comments: Now you can export all your stakeholder’s feedback to a CSV file or a PDF document which can be helpful for analysis and backup.

Upcoming Feature: Subscribe to Comments – Articulate is working on this feature that enables you subscribe/unsubscribe to any Articulate Review project and receive email notifications for new comments.

Articulate Rise

4. More options for your responsive eLearning courses with Articulate Rise

Custom Text Labels: Articulate Rise is now more customizable to create fully responsive eLearning courses. This feature enables the customization of built-in text labels such as buttons and lesson headers.

Upcoming Feature: Articulate is working on support for Tin Can (xAPI) compliant LMSs.

Articulate 360 Teams

Upcoming Feature: Articulate has been working on some features that support collaborative authoring for Articulate Teams users.


These new features help eLearning developers to create stunning eLearning courses. It will definitely make eLearning developer’s life easier.

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  1. Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson says:

    Tons of great new features. But I am not sure why they rolled out “Review”. There have been better alternitves around for a few years now… ReviewLink and spring to mind. They have many more features.


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