Top 4 New Features of Articulate 360 for Easy e-Learning Development

Top 5 new key Features of Articulate 360 – Elearning Development

Articulate has always managed to create easy-to-use eLearning authoring tools. Since the release of Articulate 360, Articulate has been ensuring to make it an all-inclusive eLearning authoring package.

Recently, it has introduced a couple of new features making it even easier for eLearning course development.

As part of our ongoing series of blogs on Articulate 360, we’ll now take a sneak peek into its new features which will help you get most out of it.

Before we move on, let’s revisit the tools and resources of Articulate 360 package (for those who are not aware). Articulate 360 comes with:

  • Three brand-new authoring tools – Rise, Preso and Peek
  • Upgraded versions – Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Studio 360 and Replay 360
  • Additional Resources – Articulate Live, Articulate Review and Content Library