How to Remove Play Button at the Beginning of the Course in Browser View – Articulate Storyline 360

how to remove play button in storyline

In an eLearning course, the play icon appears when there is an audio and video in the course. Until the user click the play button, it doesn’t starts which is sometimes annoying. To get rid of this play button, follow these steps.

Step 1

Insert a slide before the Title screen or the first screen of the course. Keep the design of the Title screen and the newly added screen similar.

auto-play course step 01

Step 2

On the first screen add a trigger as shown below.

auto-play course step 02

Step 3

Make sure you don’t have any mp3 or mp4 files in the first screen.

auto-play course step 03

Step 4

Publish and view the output.

auto-play course step 04

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