How Elearning can Solve Training Challenges in Manufacturing Industry?

Elearning and Training Challenges in Manufacturing Industry

Implementing eLearning solutions in Manufacturing Industry can address many challenges associated with training while improving operational efficiencies with a positive training ROI.

Recent studies suggest that the young and well-educated professionals are looking towards Software industry as the place to go. Due to the emerging technology trends and innovative manufacturing practices, the workforce has to stay abreast with new technology in automated manufacturing facilities. In addition to that factory floor does not always allow workers the time to receive training in the classroom.

E-learning Can Address the Challenges of Manufacturing Sector

The simple way to meet these challenges and bridge the skills gap is implementing eLearning in the organization. Elearning, as opposed to classroom training, provides an array of benefits to the workers in the industry providing cost-effective training solutions which means better performance and faster production. With the eLearning in place, the employers can:

  • Train the manufacturing workers efficiently targeting the specific skills
  • Update the learning content easily
  • Train their global workforce consistently no matter which location they work in
  • Save production time by enabling manufacturing activities to stay on track
  • Reduce training costs and increase the revenues
  • Provide just-in-time mobile learning/microlearning courses for performance support
  • Implement lean management efficiently minimizing the waste from manufacturing activities and maximize the customer satisfaction
  • Deliver, track and evaluate learning progress

Elearning addresses manufacturing compliance challenges too

The manufacturing industry is highly regulated and non-compliance to laws and regulations could prove costly and may ruin the organization. Implementing compliance training through eLearning can be simple yet effective. It will address many issues such as budget constraints, high employee turnover and helps manage compliance seamlessly across the organization.

Online compliance training can be more effective with interactive scenarios and case studies. Scenarios used in eLearning offer the learners an opportunity to engage and learn from their mistakes while case studies explain the consequence of not complying with laws. Online training can also help organizations to:

  • Create a culture of integrity
  • Evaluate the employees on what they have learned through various quizzes, assessments and knowledge checkpoints
  • Track and document the compliance training sessions

In manufacturing industry, the main areas of compliance that can be covered through e-learning include:

  • Anti-bribery and Conflict of Interest
  • Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security
  • Product Safety
  • Health, Safety and Environment


Elearning gives manufacturers incredible opportunities to bridge the employee skill gaps despite tight production schedules while increasing operational efficiency. The manufacturing workers find it convenient to take the eLearning courses via mobile and tablets as it best fits their schedule. This, in turn, will result in higher completion rates leading to a positive eLearning return on investment (ROI).

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