Translation and Localization of e-Learning Course in Articulate Rise


In the previous versions of Articulate Rise, it was difficult to develop a non-English content since there is no translation option. But Articulate Rise, in its enhanced version, released a feature to translate your Rise elearning courses into desired languages.

Let’s have a look on how to translate your course in simple steps:

  • First, duplicate your Rise course. To do so,
    Go to the Rise menu, click on the three dots in the course title and select the duplicate option.
    Translation-and-Localization-of-e-Learning-course-in-Articulate-Rise-1Translation-and-Localization-of-e-Learning-course-in-Articulate-Rise-2Now, save the course with a new name.
  • Next, export the course as XLIFF file. To do so,
    Open your new course (duplicated) and click on settings.
    Navigate to the translations tab.
    Then, click on export XLIFF file option from that section.
    Now you need to use any of the professional translators that are available in google to edit your EXLIFF file.
  • Next, Import Translated Text into your course. To do so,
    Open your new duplicated course.
    Click on Go back to course settings and navigate to Translations tab.
    Click on Import Translated Text option from that section.
    Now, select your XLIFF file and click Open.
  • Finally, translate the text of your Labels. To do so,
    Go to Labels tab in course settings.
    From Custom Course Labels section, use the drop-down list and make a selection.
    Then, click on Close button when you are done.

This is how you can create e-learning courses in multiple languages by using articulate rise translation and localization feature to reach the global training requirements.

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