Exploring The New Feature In Articulate Rise To Disable Sidebar

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility

Articulate Rise is one of the recommended online tool to create beautiful, inherently responsive e-learning content compatible with mobile devices.

In this blog, we are going to see a new feature released in Articulate Rise which allows you to hide the sidebar completely. In the earlier versions, you can configure the course menu to be visible or hidden when course is launched. In both the cases, the learner can toggle the sidebar.

If you want to develop a responsive course in which learner shouldn’t jump between the screens and navigate the course in a linear way then this new feature “No sidebar” can help you to do so.

Let’s jump-in and see how to enable the “No sidebar” feature.

Step 01

Open your course and select the SETTINGS button from the navigation bar:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility1

Step 02

In the course settings, select NAVIGATION:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility2

Step 03

Select the Sidebar dropdown:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility3

Step 04

Then, select “No Sidebar”:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility4

Step 05

Select “Close” to exit the course settings:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility5

Step 06

Select “Preview” to view the output of the course:

Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility6

Step 07

As you can see, there is no button to enable the sidebar:
Articulate-Rise - Configuring-and-Controlling-Sidebar-visibility7

Articualte Rise - Example

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