Is Video-Based content the Future of Elearning?

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Video-Based eLearning, the widely accepted eLearning trend, is gaining momentum like never before. Now what makes it trendy is, its shorter, crispier and engaging nature – changing the way how people learn. Video-Based eLearning, if designed correctly, based on instructional design principles, could be the most engaging way to hold learner’s attention. Gamification, Scenario-based eLearning along with Video-Based Learning could be the right approach to bid adieu to so called “Click Next” – traditional eLearning.

As videos have become a staple of today’s generation, we can see a significant demand for video-based learning in the Learning and Development sector. In this blog, we will discuss why video-based eLearning can be the future of eLearning.

What is Video Based Learning?

Video based eLearning can be explained as a form of learning and cognition to depute knowledge or skills acquired by being taught via video. With changing technology, video-based learning has surpassed many transitions over the time.

Video-Based eLearning is No More Optional

Yes, video-based learning is now no more an optional idea, but a basic training need. As per recent studies, corporate employees prefer watching a video over reading documents, emails or online articles.

The reasons for opting video-based eLearning could be:

  • Video is more persuasive compared to other content types
  • Addresses different learning styles of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic Learners
  • Increased usage of smartphones has also helped video based learning as it provides training on the go
  • Supports on-demand bite-sized microlearning. For instance, it teaches how to perform a job activity at the moment of the need
  • Interest of watching many video sharing websites like YouTube added fuel to it
  • Can be a cost effective solution to many organizations as part of corporate training
  • Supports the concept of flipped classroom

Benefits of Video-Based eLearning

“If picture is worth a thousand words then video may be worth a million or more.” Here are the few major benefits of video-based eLearning.

  • Adds life into the eLearning course by making it effective and engaging
  • Increases learner engagement and participation
  • Reduces cognitive overload and maximizes retention
  • Provides simpler and practical learning experience
  • Can be a cost-effective training approach for many organizations


Video based eLearning is the dish which will majorly stand out as a favorite one amongst the menu for longer times. As this eLearning trend has huge benefits which might perfectly feed the millennial learning requirements, it could continue ruling the current eLearning trends. Stay tuned to our blogs to know how to create effective Video-based eLearning courses.

At Swift, we develop interactive video-based eLearning content that caters to your learning needs. Contact us to discuss how we can maximize the impact of video-based eLearning that could benefit your business.

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