How Does an eLearning Course Communicate to an LMS

Courses developed in Adapt authoring tool doesn’t communicate with the LMS because of which user data doesn’t get tracked. Data like,

  • How much the learner has completed the course,
  • How many pages are visited,
  • How much time a user took to complete a course, etc.

Spoor is the plugin which allows the data tracking between the Adapt learning tool and the LMS.

To enable the LMS tracking in the Adapt tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the plug in “spoor” from this link:


Step 2: In Adapt learning tool, go to ‘Plugin Management’.


Step 3: Upload the plugin.


Step 4: Open your course and click on “Manage extension”.


Scroll and navigate to spoor extension and click ‘Add’.


Step 5: Click on the ‘Configuration settings’.


Step 6: Navigate to Extensions and click on Spoor (SCORM)


Make sure the option, ‘Is enabled’ is checked.

Below that, in ‘Tracking’, you will find a few options like,

  • Submit score: This shows the score of any assessment present in the course even if fail or pass.
  • Store question state: This will store the user response for the question.
  • Store question attempt states: This will store the user’s response for the question.
  • Record interactions: This will record the interactions score.

There will be many more options in the extensions which you can enable.


Step 7: Save and download the file. Upload it to the LMS and launch the course.


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