How to Get Beyond Boring Drag and Drop Interactions in eLearning?

Drag and Drop is one of the most overused interactions in the eLearning courses. Due to this fact, it is no more exciting and engaging. The regular drag and drop interaction can be presented in a more effective, simulated and engaging manner.

Interactions drag and drop

Here are the 5 templates designed using drag and drop activity or functionality to enhance the content effectiveness and learning experience.

1. Allow Learners to Practice and Apply Their Knowledge in a Simulated Environment

2. To Reinforce Sequential Knowledge

3. To Improve Sorting/Decision Making Skills

4. Let the Learner Explore the Content

5. To Recall the Information Using Scenario Based Interaction

Please feel free to share your ideas on how to use drag and drop functionality more effectively. You can access our template library to view these drag and drop activities.


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