eLearning: How to Create Custom Review Feedback in Articulate Storyline 2?


Articulate Storyline in recent times has evolved as one of the most sought-after authoring tools. It provides the ease of creating engaging rapid eLearning without any programming knowledge.

Recently, we received a requirement where the client wanted us to create compliance eLearning with Review Feedback option for assessment remediation. This means whenever learners answer a question incorrectly, they should be redirected back to the topic/remediation slide for a quick review before attempting the question again. In this way, the learners are provided with multiple attempts till they get the right answer. This review feedback approach in eLearning remediates the learners’ misunderstanding and provides a chance to reflect on why they have failed.

You can have a look at the sample functional course from the below button.

Elearning Custom Review Feedback

Here is the step-by-step process to create a remedial assessment with review feedback option in Articulate Storyline.

Follow the usual steps to create assessment in the Storyline. Once done, go ahead with the below steps to create remedial assessments.

Step 1

 Create two variables. For example:

  1. Question_1_Correct

Correct variables


elearning Wrong variables

Step 2

Go to Correct feedback layer and set variable as “Question_1_Correct” equals to True when Timeline starts of Correct feedback layer.
Adjust Variable Correct

Step 3

Next, set another variable as ‘jump to next slide’ when Timeline starts of Correct feedback layer.
elearning jump to slide

Step 4

Go to Incorrect feedback layer and set variable as “Question_1_Wrong” equals to True when Timeline starts of Incorrect feedback layer.
Adjust Variable elearning

Step 5

Next, add one clickable button/link option to jump to the relevant topic. This allows the user to jump to the relevant topic and revisit it again, reinforcing the learning.
elearning click here

Step 6

Once the user clicks the button/link, he/she jumps to the relevant topic. Add a “Retry” button to allow the user to go back and retry the quiz.
retry quiz elearning

Note: If you don’t want to provide a Retry button, you can give this action to the Next button.

Step 7

Retry button should be in “hidden state”.
elearning retry quiz

Step 8

Next, set variable “change state of button to normal” when Timeline starts of the particular slide, add a condition when “Question_1_Wrong” equals to true.
Change state of button

Step 9

Set another variable “change state of button to Hidden” when Timeline starts, add a condition when “Question_1_Correct” equals to True.

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