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We, at Swift, started a concept of filling the gap between the Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers to make the learning content more interactive. After spending a decade in eLearning Industry, we’ve come across many challenges. And the most pressing challenge was that the client wanted the content to be interactive, however, sometimes our ID team ran out of new ideas.

To address this, we started creating a library based on the experience of our Instructional Designers and also gathered insights from various eLearning experts.

Now our ID team doesn’t need to think of new ideas, they can just pick and choose from the library. And finally, they mix and match these eLearning interactions to come up with new patterns and concepts.

We are happy to announce the release of first batch of interactive screens and you are welcome to access our portal. Very soon we will be releasing more batches with approximately:

  • 25+ Interactive Screens
  • 50+ Content Screens

If you have an idea, but haven’t found the interactivity in the library then don’t worry. Just share your ideas with us and our team will help you out.

Click the below button to access our library.

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