Choosing Navigation Controls and Player Features

Audio Transcription

In this video we will learn about:

  • Choosing Navigation Controls along with HTML5 Gestures, and
  • How to enable or disable Player Features for individual Slides

The navigation controls are mainly “Next” and “Previous” buttons which allow the learner to navigate between the slides. Let’s quickly see how to show or hide these buttons for a slide. This is the first slide of the course and we don’t need a previous button in this slide. So to remove it, I can simply uncheck the button.

Now let us move on to HTML5 Gestures in which one of the gestures is swipe which allows users to navigate between the slides on touch screen devices like phones and tablets.

Simply by enabling these checkboxes here, the Swipe Gestures can be activated. Since we are on the first slide, we don’t need swipe Gesture for the previous slide. Hence I am going to uncheck this box.

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