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Quiz-003 Multiple Text Entry

This Articulate Storyline quiz template has used a Text entry question type template. The template has an absolutely simplistic design yet the template is quite eye-catching. The interface appears to have a table with four columns. The first of the columns have the words keyed in, but the rest three columns are empty which the learners have to fill appropriately.

The design of this template is very basic with just a logo placeholder in the title bar and slide count bar below it. There are no tab buttons or navigation buttons. Once the learners click the submit button, their answer is submitted.

This template is designed on Articulate Storyline 2 and is compatible with desktop, tabs and mobile.

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Quiz-018 Drag and Drop Interaction

This articulate quiz template is based on a Drag and Drop question template. The interface shows a typical workspace with an open computer, a magnifying glass, some scattered stationery, and a few pens held in a pen stand, an open diary, an open cookie packet, a cup of tea, and last but not the least a dustbin.

The participants will have to remove the cooking by dragging it without disturbing other scattered items. This game requires a lot of observation and patience, because the learner has to delicately take away the cookies and drop it off the table.

The basic appearance of the template remains the same with the logo placeholder, exit button, navigation buttons, and the tab buttons in their usual place.

This template is designed using Articulate Storyline 3 which makes it compatible with devices such as desktop, tabs, and mobile devices.

Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz templates-AS3-Quiz-018_1

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Quiz-020 Ultimate Car Game

This Articulate Storyline template is designed on Interactive car game quiz. The interface of the template shows a racing pit with a car waiting at the start line. In order to start the game, the e-learner has to just click on the car to start the game.

The tab buttons, navigation buttons, logo placeholder, and exit buttons are in their usual place.

The excitement of a car race couple with the excitement of participating in a quiz gives the learners an adrenaline rush and the learners enjoy every bit of the quiz.

This template is also designed using Articulate Storyline 3 which makes it desktop, tabs and mobile compatible.

Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz templates-AS3-Quiz-020_1

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Quiz-021 Golf Challenge

This articulate storyline quiz template is based on Interactive golf game quiz. By clicking the start button, the learners get on with the quiz. With every correct answer the score increases.

The placement of the logo placeholder, exit button, navigation buttons, and tab buttons remain unchanged. In fact, while participating in the quiz; the learners participate in the game of golf virtually which gives them the tension and excitement of participating in the quiz.

The design being based on Articulate Storyline 3 which makes it desktop, tabs, iPhone, and mobile compatible. This allows the e-learners enjoy the quiz anywhere.

Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz templates-AS3-Quiz-021_1

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Quiz-022 Soccer Shootout quiz

This storyline quiz template uses an Interactive soccer game quiz as the template type. In this form of quizzes, the participants will be asked questions, and every right answer will add as goals in the scoreboard.

The interface shows a blackboard on which the questions will appear and with every correct answer the goals will increase. There is a submit tab button centrally aligned at the bottom of the blackboard. Besides, all other elements like the logo placeholder, exit button, navigation button, and tab buttons remain in their usual position.

Since the template has been designed on Articulate Storyline 3, the template is compatible with devices like the desktop, tabs, IOS devices and mobiles. This enables the e-learner to self-assess their knowledge, even on the go.

Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz templates-AS3-Quiz-022_1

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Compliance – Features:

These templates are SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and HTML5 compliant, they can be accessed across all devices such as tablets, iPads and mobile devices providing ease of accessibility – anywhere, anytime.

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