Articulate Storyline – How To Add Animations To An Object States


Animations play an important role in an eLearning course as it will make the course look engaging. Using animations conceptual elements can be presented in an easy and effective way.

In this blog we will demonstrate you on how to add animations to the “States”.

Step 1

Create an image or shape.


Step 2

Select the image which you want to animate and click on “states”. Then click on “EDIT STATES”.


Next, create states by clicking “New or Duplicate” state icon. Let’s use hover, down and visited states.


Step 3

Select a state and then create a shape.


It is not possible to add animation to the object in a “State”. We can animate the same object by duplicating the object.

Normal Object:


Duplicate Object:


Step 4

Finally add animations to the object.


Once done, click on “DONE EDITING STATES”.

Note: In “States”, we cannot create Motion path animations. Adding animations to object in states can be done in Articulate Storyline 2 and Storyline 3 versions.


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