How to Convert Text To Speech Using Articulate Storyline 360?


In Articulate Storyline 360, a new feature is introduced which is “Text-to-Speech”. This feature is helpful in two ways:

  1. To keep the project cost low, machine-generated audio can be used. Just need to add the audio text or the Closed Captions, and machine-generated audio is ready.
  2. In an eLearning project, the standard process to record the human voice is once the project is fully approved by the client. In the client review phase, if the course has to be presented to the client using machine audio then the audio has to be generated using another software and then import it in the course. Whereas in Articulate Storyline 360, “Text-to-Speech” takes care of generating machine audio.

In this blog we will demonstrate how to convert text-to-speech using Articulate Storyline 360.


Click on Insert button. Click on Audio icon and choose “Text-to-speech” option which will open a popup window.



Step 2

Select the language and the narrator.

Select language:


Select narrator:


Step 3

There are two options to add the audio script:

  1. Type or paste the text in the input field (OR)
  2. Import from slide notes by clicking “COPY FROM SLIDE NOTES”.


Enable the option “Generate Closed Caption” if CC text is required on the screen. And finally click “INSERT”.


To modify the audio, select the audio layer, click on “AUDIO TOOLS > OPTIONS” and then select “Text-to-Speech” icon.


Similarly to edit “Captions” style, click on “AUDIO TOOLS > OPTIONS” and then select “Edit Captions” icon.


Here, we can adjust, delete and modify the caption text.


After editing, click on “Save & Close” button.

Finally, preview the slide to see the output.


Watch this youtube tutorial:

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