Articulate Rise – Custom Fonts and Track Using Storyline Block


Here comes two cool Articulate Rise features – Track completion with a Storyline Block and Custom fonts.

Track completion with a Storyline Block:

Usually you can track your course in LMS with quizzes, triggers and the number of slides viewed, but now you can track your completion of course with a storyline block. (The interactivity, which imported from Storyline 360 to Rise.)

Let’s have a look:

Step 1

Open you Rise course and click on Export option on the top bar.


Step 2


With this Track using Storyline Block option, we can track the completion of a Rise course in LMS, therefore blocking the learners before they move on to the next session or slide.

Step 3

Custom Fonts:

Now you can use any fonts in Articulate Rise just by uploading it into your course. Not only headings, but also body of the text can be customized. Let’s see how to use custom fonts.

  • Open your Rise course and click on Manage Custom Fonts.Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-3

Step 4

  • Then, click on Add Custom Font button.Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-4

Step 5

  • Give a name to Custom Font in the field provided.Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-5

Step 6

Click on Upload button to upload your font file.

Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-6 Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-7

Step 7

  • Click on Save option.Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-8

Step 8

  • Then, select the custom font for headings and Body text from the drop down menus.Rise_Track-completion-with-storyline-block-&-custom-fonts-9

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