Arabic Linguistic Skills Training is Effective in eLearning


Classroom Material on Arabic language skills are taught through eLearning.



  • Arabic language (Right-Left script direction) courses developed using Articulate Storyline (an elearning development software)
  • Modern Arabic designs are used for course theme and graphic elements – elearning localization
  • SCORM compliant course for client-side Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Fully interactive and media rich course

Requirement Profile

An UAE based educational institution want to convert the Arabic language learning material (PowerPoint Presentations) in online eLearning courses. These materials were in the form of learning material used as a teaching aid in classroom based or face-to-face ILT training.

The organization decided to make these material available to a larger group of learners and wanted to add more instructional design value with features such as:

  • Learner engagements – text-entry interactions, simple self-assessments etc.
  • Animations – to demonstrate correct Articulation of letter
  • Narrations – course narratives as well as Quranic verses

The organization was equipped with their own SCORM compliant learning management system.

Proposed Solution

Swift eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd. an eLearning service provider has a pool of Instructional Designers who are conversant in multiple foreign languages. This adds an edge to develop eLearning courses in multiple languages including Arabic.

Middle east learners are deeply associated with their Language and Culture. Considering this, we have designed the course using Arabic Art and culture (eLearning localization).

To demonstrate the correct articulation of sounds, we have created short animations which learner can play to identify the correct speech organ involved. And to practice nitty-gritties of grammar, we have incorporated Text-entry interactions. This helps learner to practice the learned concepts.

Business Impact

The client was delighted with our custom eLearning solution and the commercials (price for the eLearning development). The course design and the instructional approach were the important factors for the project success. We have repeated business with the same client as we turned out to be a reliable and cost effective multilingual e-learning solutions provider based in India.

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