Adobe Captivate 2019 Features: PowerPoint in Responsive Mode and Import CSV Format File


In the earlier version of Adobe Captivate, it has supported PowerPoint only in Blank Projects. Whereas in Adobe Captivate 2019 release, the PowerPoint is supported in Responsive Projects also. In this blog, we will discuss the advancement of PowerPoint supporting in responsive mode and the Importing of different types of quiz questions using CSV excel file.

Let’s see the steps to import the PowerPoint in Responsive project.

Open Adobe Captivate 2019 and select Responsive Project under New tab.


Then, select PowerPoint under Slides in the menu bar. You can also set the layout preview options in the given fields.


Then navigate to the PowerPoint folder and click on Open to Import into the project.


You can select specified slides by checking or unchecking Include check box at the bottom of each slide thumbnail in the pop-up window.


The PowerPoint is imported in the Responsive mode.


Now, we will see how to import CSV format file.

In Adobe Captivate 2019 you can import a CSV format file for various quiz questions types. Sample CSV file is given in the asset folder. Copy the sample file in your project and edit the details based on the guidelines.

First let’s see the steps to import a CSV file.

Click File in the menu bar, go to Import option and select Import CSV Format File.


A pop-up window will appear to import the CSV file. Select the file and click on Open to import the questions.


All the questions will be shown in the Filmstrip once CSV format file is imported in the project.


Now, let’s see the rules need to be followed while creating a CSV file.

Here are the abbreviations must be used to denote the type of question.

MC – Multiple Choice
TF – True or False
MAT – Match the Following
SA – Short Answers
FIB – Fill in the Blanks


Assign marks under Points column.


Write questions under Question Stem.

To add a blank in fill in the blank type questions, you need to insert pipe (|) [Shift + \]


After that you need to give options/answers as shown below.

For short answers and fill in the blanks: You can simply write all the correct answers under the Answer Option columns.

For selection level multiple choice questions: Need to add pipe (|)
Example: Preference | Yes, you’re right!

For Multiple choice and True/False: Need to add asterisk (*) at the beginning of the answer.
Example: *All of the above

For Matching: Need to give a pipe (|) besides each option with the right choice.
Example: Download Assets | Assets dialog


You can check the correct answers in the project once you import CSV format file. Here you can see a sample screenshots of the correct answer with an asterisk (*) in the CSV file and reflecting the same in the project slide after importing.

13. short13. short.








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