Top Authoring Tools to Convert Flash to HTML5 Courses

What is the authoring tool? 

An authoring tool is a software application used to create digital content, typically for e-learning and multimedia presentations.Top Authoring tools to Convert Flash to HTML5

For the last 10 years, Adobe Flash has been pushed to the edge and now finally it’s time to say goodbye and time to convert Flash to HTML5. However, Flash is inherently unsafe, practically unstable, and its security has been the main concern.

1. Flash courses suffered from the limitation that they could not be played on modern devices and didn’t seek versatility in accessing the eLearning courses.

2. Flash is a relatively old plug-in and has become increasingly vulnerable to online threats like hackers and viruses.

To cope up with this technological discomfort, organizations are wishing to convert Flash to HTML5 ahead of the deadline to tackle the conversion better.

Thanks to HTML5, to have the best and more versatile technique to play videos and online courses without sweating about compatibility issues or time wastage. There are several applications we can find to achieve Flash to HTML5 conversion. But, choosing the right tool with proper functionality is prominent to avoid inconvenience.

How do you decide which authoring tool is best suited for your eLearning needs?

Choosing the right authoring tool for your eLearning needs is a crucial decision that depends on various factors.

However, the choice of authoring tool depends on:

1. User-Interface
2. Support Services
3. Mobile-Friendly
4. Availability of Technical Expertise
5. Scalability
6. Translation Requirements