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Enhanced Features of Lectora 17 for Effective Rapid Elearning Part 1 – 2

As part of our exploration in rapid eLearning authoring tool, we have explored Lectora 17, the newest version of Lectora Inspire. This rapid eLearning authoring tool comes with many new features and enhancements to create effective custom elearning, rapid elearning, responsive mobile learning and Flash to HTML5 conversion. In this blog, as part of blog series, we will see what’s new in Lectora 17, in other words Enhancements in Lectora 17 compared to Lectora 16. These enhancements include Updated Camtasia and Snagit Versions, Convert Shapes to Buttons, Initially Disabled State for Buttons, Create Image Buttons with Disabled State, SVG Rendering of Shapes and Buttons and maintaining aspect ratio.