Integrating JavaScript with Storyline 360

How to Integrate JavaScript with Storyline 360?

Do you leverage JavaScript to enhance eLearning interactivity eLearning authoring tools such as Storyline2, Storyline 360, Captivate? In this blog, we will see how integrating JavaScript would ease eLearning development. Creating dynamic interactions using any eLearning authoring tool involves set of triggers, actions, conditions and variables. JavaScript would the better choice as it drastically reduces eLearning development time as well.
Custom Volume Control – Articulate Storyline 3 or Articulate Storyline 360

Free Online Course on Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Swift offers free Off-the-Shelf Anti-bribery and Corruption Compliance eLearning course on this new year occasion. This course is suitable for all employees, supervisors or managers. This free online module is completely customizable with to meet your specific compliance needs and behavioral expectations as part of corporate learning.