Interactive Videos in Simulation based Learning

We were working on an eLearning course for a power generation corporation. The course was on Electrical Facility Awareness Program to train Engineers about “Where is What?” in their facility center.

The challenging part of this project was, we need to display the facility center like a real environment; more like a simulation based training and avoiding the use of images. Developing a game based or simulative environment for a software training is easy but using same methodology for a facility center was a very different experience.

We decided to go with 3D model to show the workplace environment (the facility center), but it was going out of client’s budget.

Finally we came up with an approach to do a video shoot of the complete workplace. We then added hotspots on the running video for the learners to click and reveal relevant information.

The final product came out very well and the feedback we received from the users was excellent.

Following the similar approach, we have created a course on ‘Driver Licence Test’.

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