Gamification – A Paradigm of Effective Learning

Gamification – A Paradigm of Effective Learning

Edutainment is adding ‘fun’ element of games into Education; and, Gamification is the prime example of this edutainment.

Working since 3 years on various courses related to Gamification has helped us gain a niche in converting non-gaming contexts (the learning content) into an engaging learning experience. We describe gamification in following words, “Gamification is not about embedding a game in the course, it is about converting learning content into a game like scenario.”

Following are the few insights that are worth sharing with you to develop an effective gamification solution:

  1. Define a game mechanism suitable for the type of learner and the content.
  2. Ensure that the game mechanism drives required behavioural change.
  3. Keep your game mechanism simple.
  4. Identify the key learning points and turn them into learner interaction instances in the game environment.
  5. Use score based performance measure.
  6. It is not mandatory to add complexity in every successive levels.
  7. If possible, create avatar to represent the intended learner.
  8. Instead of ‘Challenge of Competition’, have challenge of succeeding each level in least number of attempts.
  9. Divide complete learning experience into meaningful sessions; and, summarize list of achievements after completion of each session.
  10. Use varied but decent sounds.

Recently we have worked on a Gamification course for HR Executives. The learners are ought to prove level of understanding on ‘Code of Conduct’ and other compliances. The learners who clear this test will be promoted to ‘Senior HR Executive’ position.

Client asked us to develop a solution to test the knowledge as well as guide if learners go wrong. We then proposed an idea to client where learner will be put into different office scenarios and he/she will be asked to identify the acts/objects of not meeting or deviating from the Code of Conduct.

The idea proved well and we received several other projects on same lines. Here is the piece of work representing the similar idea or strategy.

Operation Mosquito Shootout

Gamification – A Paradigm of Effective Learning

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