Elearning and Training for Several needs in Electrical Industry – A Case Study

Elearning-and-Training-for-Several-needs-in-Electrical-Industry [1]

With the immense change in the technology, there had been invention of new gadgets in electronic industry. This lead to pose a challenge of providing technical training program to the learners in any organization. One of our clients came up with the challenge of employee training with varied electrical calculators in an eLearning authoring tools.

The solution we gave was by using JavaScript in Storyline 360 where it creates dynamic learning interactions.

The functionality of the calculation is based on the basic electrical formula, Ohms Law, V = I × R, therefore there will be three text entry fields where user need to enter any two values in the given fields such that the third value will be calculated automatically.

Here you will see step-by-step procedure of creating an elearning calculator for Ohm’s Law that is built in Articulate Storyline 360.

Step 1:

Add three text entry fields.



Create three different variables and name them as volts ohms and amps.


Step 3:

Assign variables to each text entry box.


Step 4:

Create three buttons and keep them in disable mode. Then, add the following JavaScript for each button a shown here.


Note: You can find JavaScript for the remaining buttons in the source file.

Step 5:

To calculate the given value, create six variables and assign them as each two to text entry boxes.


Step 6:

Follow these triggers to show the button to calculate the given value on each text entry box with created variables.


Follow triggers for each button by changing variables and for rest of the buttons. You can find the remaining button triggers in the source file.

Step 7:

Publish and check the output.o7

Here you can see when user entered the value of ‘V’ and ‘R’, the third value ‘I’ is calculated and the result is displayed.

Though the development of electrical calculations is a strenuous task, we made it easy with the implementation of JavaScript in Storyline. With this the boundaries and limitations are faded away and extended the functionality of the authoring tool.

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