Earth Day 2017: It’s Time to go Green with Elearning

earth day.

We, humans, explore (exploit to be precise) every possible thing! But what are we giving back to our planet Earth? This question intrigued me to reflect on how an organization can go green with eLearning.

Environment is the human’s best friend. As human beings it’s our fundamental responsibility to nurture and protect it. On the occasion of Earth Day 2017, we celebrate it to honor the Earth as well as the environment. The real essence of celebration lies in giving back to planet earth by empowering everyone with the knowledge to inspire action to “Go Green“. As I belong to the eLearning industry which delivers knowledge and skills in an eco-friendly manner, I take complete pride in it. Elearning is great for environment as it offers many advantages by utilizing the Internet for educating adding a green flavor.

If you are an organization planning to train your employees as part of corporate training, then implementing an eLearning program can result in considerable environmental benefits.

Save Fuel-Save Environment:

Traveling takes a toll on the environment as it emits large amount of carbon monoxide. By implementing eLearning, your employers need not commute to their place of study as in instructor-led training. This will save productivity and travel-related costs besides fuel and significantly reduces the emission poisonous gases.

Save Trees-Say NO to Printing Paper:

Did you know? Nearly, 75% of business documents are in paper form. And Paper manufacturing is the 3rd largest user of fossil fuels worldwide. Increased usage of paper is one of the major reasons for pervasive deforestation. And e-learning has successfully battled with this issue and caught the headlines. ELearning eliminates the use of paper and saves billions of trees decreasing deforestation. So go paperless with eLearning.

Elearning Reduces Energy Consumption:

By eliminating physical training, we automatically use less energy related to heating, cooling and powering the facilities. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, some million tons of office furniture and furnishings are wasted each year. Online training decreases the rate of energy consumption when compared to the Classroom Training. The injurious effects of fossil fuels can be condensed by conserving energy as the usage of eLearning requires fewer quantities of fossil fuels.

Final Thoughts:

Elearning has always been helping “Mother Earth” with its variety of benefits and is an effective way for organizations to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Just like eLearning does offer best practices to save this environment your simple actions and best practices will influence the fate of the Earth, and human beings. On the occasion of Earth Day, let’s payback to our mother nature by creating more eLearning and save the environment before it’s too late.

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