Top-4-benefits of elearning in Healthcare industry

Top 4 Benefits of eLearning in Healthcare Sector

Checkout these top 4 benefits of elearning in healthcare. Elearning ensures healthcare professionals to keep up with the latest medical trainings at their own pace and enables learning any time anywhere.
Mobile learning indusction and on-boarding

Advantages of Mobile Learning For On-boarding and Induction Training

The on-boarding training served with Mobile learning which is tailored to their needs as it should be engaging and motivating as well.
Benefits of video-based learning
Tips to Manage Quality Control while Developing Rapid eLearning

Tips to Manage Quality Control While Developing Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning development using right authoring tools ensures the development process within time space as well as produce effective elearning courses.
Tips for Flash-to-html5-conversion-Outsourcing-In-house

Tips for Flash to HTML5 Conversion – In-house or Outsource

Flash to HTML5 conversion: Looking choose whether to outsource or do it in-house? We help you decide for your conversion process.
What's New in Articulate Storyline 360 - Improved Accessibility, Faster Workflows & More Possibilities
Flash to html5 conversion best Practices

Flash to HTML5 Conversion – Best Practices

Follow some of these best practices for your Flash to html5 conversion process and rebuild eLearning courses effectively in quick time.
Tips to Designing 508 Compliance Elearning Courses

Tips to Designing 508 Compliant E-learning Course

Checkout these best tips to develop the Section 508 compliant e-Learning courses to ensure the training content is accessible to differently-able people.
Steps to create an eLearning Course Using Ready-To-Go Slides feature - Adobe Captivate 2019

Steps to Create an eLearning Course Using Ready-To-Go Slides Feature – Adobe Captivate 2019

Here are the steps to design elearning courses using Ready-to-go Slides feature in Adobe Captivate 2019.