AICC Error: Unable to contact AICC Course Management System – SCORM Cloud LMS

SCORM Cloud LMS - AICC Error Unable to contact AICC Course Management System

Error propelling Results within AICC Compliant in SCORM Cloud LMS

While reviewing one of the courses in Lectora which was developed years ago, we have been running into unknown error while launching test results within the AICC course in SCORM Cloud LMS.

Our Solution

Lectora Software releases updates regularly. We opened the course developed in Lectora Inspire: v12.0.0 in the latest version 18. The default triggers which were applied in the course was deleted and replaced with the default triggers of Lectora 18. When the course was published and reviewed, the error “Unable to contact AICC Course Management System. This course must be run from within the AICC Course Management System” didn’t pop-up making the result page run back to normal.