eLearning approaches-Push & Pull

It is an exciting part in the world of eLearning which is full of digital trends, innovative ideas, learning techniques to make learners engaged, motivated, and stay connected with the courses.

Developing eLearning courses to make learning and training programs successful is nowadays a current hot topic. eLearning courses are best known for their high degree awareness, self-actualization, Learners convenient, Scalability, Effectiveness, reduced cost, consistency, quick delivery of lessons, and much more.

For example, if a course is heavy on information and light on interaction, OR light on information and heavy on interaction. Does it offer quality of learning? Does it improve consistency in studies?

Regardless of informative and interactive, both shares equal prominence in eLearning either respective or irrespective of user. Hence, quantifying them is simply, debatable.

Well, this article outlines how informative and interactive approach makes up to give effective, attractive, and engaging eLearning courses.

Informative Approach

This informative approach is like traditional method of learning which offers detailed learning through the modules (module 1, module 2, etc.,) to access the information easily.

Informative approach is merely, formal, non-interactive that pushes the information to the learners; therefore can also be named as push-approach. Many eLearning courses rely on heavy content with little or no interaction to make the course appealing, quicker, informative, and cost-effective.

This approach follows same trend of presenting information with upfront objectives followed by content in various modules to enhance the learning process. Lastly, check the success of the course by tracking learner’s progress by offering assessments at the end of the eLearning course.

Interactive Approach

Why interactive approach has become the heart of eLearning? Why is it so prominent for the course to be interactive as much as possible?

The only answer for above questions is to make the course engaging, exciting, fun-based that pull learners towards it and making it more appealing. In simple terms, we can also call it a pull- approach or informal approach that offers a variety of learning techniques via video-based learning, interactions, thought-provoking questions, stories, real-life scenarios, and much more.

Elearning Instructional Designer struggle to deliver the course content in such a way, that actually learners love to have and this is where the interactivity comes to play. An interactive course is one which boosts learner’s interest in the course, motivates them, enhance knowledge-retention, and has been proven to offer long-term memory with its interactive nature.

Which technique needs to imply (Formative or interactive or both)?

Quantifying any one technique is really daunting. Elearning courses have never based on either informative or interactive, instead is a mash-up of both, irrespective of learners.

For example, Informative approach of eLearning give sense to concept by chunking content into different modules or sections, whereas interactive approach is retrieving the information via interactivity to fetch learners engagement and attention. Sometimes, implying techniques is not only based on learners convenient but, on developers on how they want to make it more exciting.

Hence the end result is, eLearning courses rely on informative approach as well as interactive approach that gives beauty to the course. Thereby learner can easily learn the course effectively and conveniently.

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