Mobile Learning – The new age technology for the fast learners


Over the last few years, mobile platform has transformed everyone’s lives and has also penetrated with a source of Mobile learning or access information. There is an increase in the limit of affording and evolving technological changes in order to suit the current living situations. The mobile platform has now innovated and come up with a huge potential for training and mobile learning which includes the corporate platform as well. The impact and effectiveness of mobile learning or which is also known as MLearning differentiates itself with the fact that mobile devices are the provider of easy access to a vast variety of learning content which includes various media files, different audio and video, images, documents or even web pages as well. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere as per the convenience and the demand for the content with respect to the needs of the reader or learner.

The combination of ability and communication with regards to various multiple choices of channels including voice, text, chat, message or even social media platform inclusive of mobile platform has provided a new way of MLearning and a platform for mobile learning as such. The choice made in terms of learning management system (LMS) is also very important apart from other aspects. With the help of MLearning platform, the mobile learning management systems should be made accessible for all the people who are interested in MLearning. The solution is by developing an MS tool which would support multiple devices and platforms as well. There is an increase in adopting HTML 5 in order to create LMS or mobile learning solutions, which is an independent platform. A mobile learning management system with HTML5 can be accessed uniformly on a smart phone, laptop or even desktop if the device runs on a different OS or has numerous web browsers.

With respect to organizations, it is the easiest and the cheapest available option to enable cross-platform delivery of mobile content for LMS which is considered as media rich. There is an availability of alternate mobile applications which are developed to make the learning content accessible and which would also develop a better user experience which is usually expected from native applications. The choices are always confusing between learning management systems and native applications because the user should always keep in mind a variety of factors such as development budgets for learning management systems as well, devices that are to be targeted and even the type of content which is to be delivered. This can also be made accessible offline for the users. It is possible to deliver a huge variety of content even on the mobile platform and in addition to that, a traditional text based e-learning courses, graphics, images, animations, audio and also video which can be utilized in order to create content to engage and fulfil the learner’s needs.

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