Leverage eLearning Courses with 3D Models in Articulate Storyline 360

Human Anatomy Skin M

This week we had an interesting eLearning challenge #232 on Articulate Storyline to use 3D models in eLearning courses. At the end of this blog you can preview and download the sample on how to use 3D models in  Articulate Storyline 360.

Human Anatomy Skin 2

Human Anatomy Skin 3

Human Anatomy Skin 4

Case Study: We developed an online course for one of our clients from Health Care Industry located in the United Kingdom (UK). The eLearning module was to train their practitioners on Human Anatomy that describes the concept of skin in which we used similar 3D modeling to enhance the learning experience.

Blending of 3D models with Articulate Storyline takes the eLearning courses to another level and thereby to boost the performance of the learners in an efficient way. Despite plane text and an image, the 3D model better serves the learner with more visualization and increases the learning curve.

For instance,

In Pharmaceutical industry, these courses can be used to teach the junior level doctors about the functionality of an organ.

In Manufacturing industry, these courses will be really of great help in giving a product training to the different level employees.

In Computer industry, courses can be developed to aware the individuals if there is any new product in hardware peripherals.

In Automotive industry, a 3D model designed course can be presented in digital interactive display’s which portray all specifications of the car in showrooms.

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