The word Gamification is the most buzzing word in the eLearning industry. It is one of the learning and development strategies to captivate learners’ attention. Some surveys show that the employees who trained using gamification approach have higher completion rates than using the traditional approach. Hence, most of the organizations are opting for a gamification approach in their courses.

Following the pathway of gamification, we have developed a sample eLearning course using different gaming elements.

Rank is a more tangible gamifying element awarded to the learner with respect to answering the questions. They can achieve the highest rank when more questions are answered correctly and lowest when questions are answered incorrectly.

Upon completion of the activity, the learner receives a badge based on the performance – bronze, silver and gold.

For every quick answer, the user is awarded 20 points and for the delayed answer, the user is awarded 10 points and for wrong answers or time out no points are awarded.

A countdown timer replicating the progress bar is included in the course which creates a sense of urgency in answering the questions.

Social Media Sharing:
User can share the course completion status in the social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

The user will have two attempts for each question to answer it correctly.

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