Custom eLearning Interactivity On How To Tie The Kelvin Knot


Be it a pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry or retail industry, custom eLearning interactions are the most desired interactivities while all they consider fulfilling the learners’ needs is playing the vital role in the company’s success.

Articulate Storyline gives a power of custom interactions that let the learners play with the content while gaining the knowledge and extending the remembrance of the concepts as well. Such an interactivity drew the learners attention was “How to tie Kelvin Knot”.




These type of interactivities leverages the eLearning courses to another level. It can boost the learner engagement in the most effective manner and gives the learners an excellent learning experience.

Unlike drag and drop interactivity, this interaction includes interaction sliders along the given direction to complete the interactivity. This will give learners a real time experience of tying a kelvin knot in a virtual environment. So by practicing this gamified example one can easily learn how to tie a kelvin knot.

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