Best Authoring Tools For Rapid eLearning Development – Comparison

Best authoring tools

Way of learning needs lead to create various authoring tools to meet the learner requirements and the training models. Though there are various best authoring tools and each tool has its own identity to stand in the race of technology by integrating the components that are required for the learners so as to enhance the learning experience and retention.

Let’s see some of the tools that are tailored to meet the learner needs.

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How to Set Your Published Slide Course Resolution in Articulate Storyline?

How to set your published slide size in articulate storyline

Have you ever come across various storyline versions i.e., Storyline 1, 2, 3 and 360? What did you observe when you click on a story size?

Yes, the obvious answer is the slide size, which is preset toThe default size in Articulate Storyline is 720 pixels width by and 540 pixels height.

Will that preset slide size is changeable or unchangeable?

Yes, of course! The slide size can be changed according to the requirement of the user.
Follow the steps below to change your slide sizethe resolution.

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