Coronavirus Outbreak - Elearning For Corporate training

Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Rise in Implement Elearning For Corporate Training

Implementation of elearning has become inevitable solution during this corona virus pandemic and investing this quarantine time in training employees remote.
COVID19-resource checklist-Swift elearning services

COVID-19 Information Resource Lists

The whole world is at standstill. Everywhere, there is a…
Corona virus outbreak-do's and dont's_Swiftelearningservices

Infographic – Coronavirus outbreak prevention and best practices

Remember prevention is our prime solution to stop spreading this Coronavirus pandemic. Here are some best practices to fight with this epidemic.
Novel Corona virus pandemic - Cyber Security Need of the hour for remote employees

Work From Home – Coronavirus Increases The Chances of Getting Computer Virus

Every organization should make sure their remote employees are well trained about cyber sercurity and safety measures to fhight coronavirus outgreak conditions.
Using Scrolling Panels in E-Learning using Articulate storyline

Using Interactive Scrolling Panels in Elearning (2020) – Articulate Storyline

This scrolling panels elearning example interaction designed using articulate storyline authoring tool.
Articulate Storyline - Tabs Interactions in E-Learning-design-example-CORONAVIRUS (covid19)

Using Tabs Interactions in E-Learning (2020) – Articulate Storyline

This tabs elearning example interaction designed using articulate storyline for the awareness of the ongoing outbreak of life-threatening Coronavirus.
E-learning Example Using Tooltips as Microinteractions-E-learning challenge

E-learning Example Using Tooltips as Microinteractions – Articulate Storyline 360

This elearning example consists of tooltips as micro-interactions which helps navigate through the portal.

Basics of Photography eLearning Simulation Example

This interactive camera elearning simulation example will give you basics of battery and memory card.
Star wars themed elearning example

Star Wars Themed E-Learning Interaction Sample

This elearning example consist of interactive quiz with engaging graphics based on popular Star wars characters with interactive elearning quiz sample.