Swift LMS – Learning Analytics: Training Compliance Report to Demonstrate ROI


Leveraging learning analytics and big data can change the face of corporate eLearning if used well. And this is possible when the learning management system or LMS is equipped with powerful tracking and reporting capabilities. These learning analytics and reports will help a manager in assessing employees training and performance. Read more

Converting Technical Manuals into Immersive eLearning Courses for Fortune 500 Company

Self-Paced eLearning for Fortune500 CompanyAn American multinational technology company converts its ‘Course Guides’ (Technical Manuals) into engaging eLearning programs.


  • More than 100 hours of classroom material converted into eLearning
  • As the learning material was ‘supporting reference manuals’ – client didn’t want to invest more time and cost
  • Plain learning content to be transformed into engaging and visually-rich eLearning experience for Technical Support Engineers

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SwiftHCM LMS: Learning Analytics and Reporting Made Easy for Training Managers

SwiftHCM LMS Analytics and ReportingOnline Learning Analytics and Reporting functionality enables Training Managers and Administrators to generate variety of reports and draw conclusions for an efficient training.

Learning analytics are one of the current hot trends in eLearning and Training industry. And the most significant feature in any Learning Management System (LMS) is its learning analytics and reporting capabilities. This LMS functionality (analytics and reports) offers deep insights into learners’ performance and helps organizations to track and evaluate their corporate training effectiveness. Read more

Case Study: Female Traveler – Safety Training Course for Security and Delight

eLearning Case Study_Female_traveler

A mobile based elearning course simple enough to comprehend by diversified learner group.


  • Learning material suitable for all the five famous traveling continents
  • Highly engaging and informative mlearning course for corporate/household female travelers
  • No assessments or certifications included in the e learning solution – no learning management system software required

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Top 4 New Features of Articulate 360 for Easy e-Learning Development

Top 5 new key Features of Articulate 360 – Elearning DevelopmentArticulate has always managed to create easy-to-use eLearning authoring tools. Since the release of Articulate 360, Articulate has been ensuring to make it an all-inclusive eLearning authoring package. Recently, it has introduced a couple of new features making it even easier for eLearning course development. As part of our ongoing series of blogs on Articulate 360, we’ll now take a sneak peek into its new features which will help you get most out of it. Read more

Impactful Elearning: What Instructional Designers can Learn From Pencil?

What Instructional Designer can Learn from Pencil

We, eLearning Instructional Designers, are here by accident. We have inspiring personal stories. We enjoy our job to the core because it teaches new things everyday – that are aligned with our interests and strengths. We figure out the ways to teach our learners effectively so that it translate the knowledge into performance. We embrace both traditional learning methodologies as well as the modern technologies. While designing and developing learning experiences, we tend to wear many hats, juggle many roles, work with many stakeholders…  Huh, the list goes on!  In this restless rush, we sometimes get overwhelmed and rarely take a pause to find out how holistic our eLearning design is?

In this blog, I am not going to explain the tips to enhance your instructional design career but I want you to take a pause to figure out the five important lessons you can learn from pencil. Wondering, what pencil has to do with ID career…? Hold on! Read more

Corporate Compliance Training: Elearning as a Solution to Deal with Fraud and Corrupt Conduct

eLearning Case Study Oil_Gas corporationCode of Conduct Compliance elearning programs to train workforce on Fraud and Corrupt behaviors as well as their probable consequences.


  • Learner group includes thousands of employees with diversified learning styles
  • eLearning course includes factual content and case-scenarios
  • eLearning authoring tool used – Storyline 2

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